Why is Apple more successful than other companies?

Soner Görpeli
11 min readNov 27, 2019


Have you ever wondered why Apple is so much more successful than other companies? We can clearly say that this success is not a coincidence, and we know that all companies want to be a successful company like Apple. Have you ever thought about how you can be a successful company like Apple?

Let’s Take a Look at Apple’s Short Story

Apple was founded in April 01, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in Cupertino, California, USA. Steve Jobs is the father of the Apple company. Steve Jobs is a curious entrepreneur who left school and wondered what was going on in the technology zone and watched what technology companies were doing, and he hardly had any technical knowledge. Steve Jobs has a character that communicates easily with entrepreneurs and people and has a stubborn nature behind his ideas. Another feature of Steve Jobs is a perfectionist structure. In these characteristics Steve Jobs is described as a human having a very compelling character.

Steve Wozniak ( Left) — Steve Jobs ( Right ) 1976 First Apple Motherboard

Steve Jobs’s never-ending research spirit and entrepreneurial structure; it made him meet new people. One of the most important of these people is Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple. Wozniak is a technically gifted computer genius and makes computer boards by himself. Discovering this talent at Wozniak, Steve Jobs decided to convince Wozniak to make computers, and together they made the first Apple 1 desktop computer in that famous garage and began selling it. These end-user computers are almost a first in the history of the world, and the success of Apple’s emergence and growth.

If you are curious about the whole life story of Apple and Steve Jobs, I recommend the biography book D&R below. Without going into too much detail in this article, I would like to tell you how the company is successful and what this formula is. The main reason Apple and Steve Jobs succeeded is that the company strategy is based on the basic principles. Just like Coca Cola’s formula, Apple has a secret formula.

Is Apple So Successful Is It A Coincidence?

Before you continue reading the article, I want you to ask yourself the following question: Is it a coincidence that Apple is so successful? When I asked myself this question, I was browsing an Apple store and reviewing Apple products. When I looked at all the products, I suddenly found the answer to the question I asked myself, and I decided that this success was not a coincidence and that the company actually had a formula. I started researching what this formula was and I decided to write it.

Apple iPad Pro

I believe in coincidences; but when I look at the iPad Pro and pen I shared with you in the picture above and think about what this device can accomplish; I can easily say that Apple’s success is not a coincidence. Apple’s iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Pen, Beats When you examine all the products such as what formulas and the reasons behind the success of the company can easily see. Now let’s see what this formula is.

Time to Disclose Apple’s Success Formula

In this paragraph, I’ll explain the secret formula behind Apple’s success, and when you apply it to your company, whatever product you sell, you’ll be as successful as Apple. But success is not a self-evolving factor, you must implement all processes and stand behind your products, as Apple does. Steve Jobs, when creating Apple has found a triple gold ratio and has applied this gold ratio to Apple. Apple’s core philosophy and formula for success have combined technology with simplicity, simplicity, creativity and design, and found a successful formula.

Steve Jobs Think Different

As you know, when we say technology, we always think of complex electronic devices, and when we think of 1976, it was very difficult to use, and Steve Jobs’ dream was to combine simplicity, creativity and design to create a computer that people would use very easily. Steve Jobs, Apple 1 computer has implemented all these things and this computer Mouse, Keyboard, the first computer used to have the feature. All Steve Jobs wanted was a very simple computer; Steve Jobs was focused on the fact that the computers used in university laboratories at that time were too large and did not allow a standard person or office to use them. Steve Jobs actually saw a problem as a good entrepreneur and set out to find a solution to this problem. Now let’s examine these factors one by one.

Steve Jobs’s Simplicity or Simplicity Formula

Steve Jobs builds Apple on a formula that we can say as simplicity. The word simplicity here means that the products made are not complicated. Consider an Apple computer; or an iPhone. The most important feature of these devices is simple and easy to use. 7-year-old child in the hands of the device; A 70-year-old uses these devices in the same way and starts to use them very quickly without any difficulty. Can we imagine the same situation for a Windows computer, maybe! But we can never say that it will be as easy to adapt as an Apple device.

This simplicity formula has been applied to all Apple devices and all the devices manufactured have been prepared according to this formula. No Apple product can be complicated. Apple’s basic philosophy is simplicity and simplicity. Apple understood this feature very well and reflected it in the corporate culture. This simplicity is not only on Apple’s devices; It is also used in Apple’s iOS software, so iOS is the world kullans easiest-to-use operating system, and all Apple devices are running the same software, which has not yet been achieved by any other company in the world. When we think of Apple’s rival Android; It is more complex than iOS.

A Company Thinking Beyond Its Age

When you look at Apple’s products, you’ll immediately know that these products are beyond the era. When you pick up an iPad, you don’t perceive it as a future product. I even think that these products are made by aliens; because Apple’s iPad, iPhone and MacBook devices are so far ahead of their time, as if they came from the future. Imagine the Apple Watch, you can see your heartbeat instantly, watch your location on the map, use the map and talk to someone looking for you on your smart watch.

Back to the future or black lightning. There were scenes in that film that told us that this would happen in the future, and we could never have guessed that this was just the film, and that in the future it would actually happen; but when we came to the 2000s; technology has developed a lot and we will never believe in technological developments. Apple entered the market in 2007 with the iPhone with a touch-screen phone, and in the same way, Apple revolutionized beyond its era. He thinks beyond the age of the company and you should think beyond the age in your company.

Design and Creativity as the Most Important Value of the Company

What is the most important thing that attracts your attention when you buy an Apple product? Or what is the most important detail you notice when you visit an Apple store? Design. Not Just Design. Simple Design. Easy to understand design. Elite Design. When you go to an Apple store, you will find a store design that goes beyond its age. When you buy an Apple product, you’ll see a box design with a great design when you open it. When you open the box, you can see that the contents of the box are beautifully designed and that all the gaps are perfectly calculated to produce the box and the product.

This process has been going on since Steve Jobs founded Apple. This is Steve Jobs’s biggest obsession or formula. It’s a very well-designed product, a simple, all-in-one, and it’s important for Steve Jobs to be beyond the age of this product. Steve Jobs’s search of himself for a while in his life and his search for himself in India and the philosophy of simplicity there; It is a very important process that Apple reflects this philosophy when designing its products. Another reason was that Steve Jobs received calligraphy training and learned a lot from it, and he used his writing training on iOS and Macintosh.

Quality of Products and Continuous Innovation Innovation

Apple’s success is also due to the high quality of its products. When you pick up an iPhone, we don’t even have to tell you how good the product is. The phone gives you this feeling automatically. With these quality products, Apple has become a Love Mark brand. The products produced by the company are so high quality that even though they sell millions of products in the world, the defective products are almost nonexistent. The development of this quality stems from the fact that Steve Jobs has a perfectionist structure at the patient level and this structure is embedded in the company culture.

Apple wants all of its products to be of high quality and therefore produces the highest quality products. Another key feature of Apple is that it constantly innovates. Apple renews its products every year and develops all products with an understanding beyond the era. That is why all Apple products use the highest level of processor and the most advanced software to match this hardware. Apple’s iOS operating system; the company’s hardware products are almost complementary. The innovation culture of the company is continuing and the company is 3 to 5 years ahead of its competitors with this feature.

Customer Experience, Customer Relations and Product Variety

Apple offers a flawless customer experience for all the products it manufactures and has the highest end-to-end customer experience, from design to use. The most important detail that Apple gives priority to when designing its products is this concept of customer experience. When you pick up an Apple product, you’ll immediately notice it. Apple products are easy to use and easy to use. Apple’s software is also very easy to use and manage all your accounts from all your Apple devices. You have an iPad, an iPhone and an Apple Watch, and you can synchronize your accounts on these devices simultaneously; you can communicate with each other and use all features from the same device and back up all your devices simultaneously.

The second important detail is customer relations. Apple provides customers with flawless customer relationships for the products it sells. Thanks to these customer relationships, Apple users are connected to the brand as a love mark, and the company’s brand perception has become number one among the best brands in the world. When we look from this window, although there are many companies in our age, there is no other company to confront Apple. Another feature of Apple is that it intelligently extends its product range and range. Apple is expanding its products very cleverly and making the products that its customers need. For example, the company that stands out with its iPhone sales; Apple computers, which are the core of the MacBook laptops and desktop computers by developing very important products in this field to the market, and the computer industry is falling, Apple products; especially the MacBook is one of the best-selling computers.

How to Become a Company Like Apple

The question of how you can be a successful company like Apple is a very important and difficult question. It is very difficult for any company to be successful like Apple, and it is just as hard to do what Apple does in practice. You don’t have to be a company like Apple; but you can make your company much better by following Apple’s philosophies or practices. It should not be forgotten that Apple was installed in a garage and went through many stages until it reached these points. At first you might not be able to produce great products, the first Apple product was far from the current computers; but he was a pioneer of his field. When we first thought about the Apple iPhone, it wasn’t the most perfect phone of its era, and in time, the product was constantly developed with a perfectionist philosophy.

As in Kaizen philosophy, when you start a business do not expect success at a time. Try to improve your products and customer relationships by spreading them to a specific process by targeting sustainable progress. There is a saying that Rome was not established in a day; Apple did not appear in a day. It took 35 years for the company to reach these points and hundreds of thousands of people worked and carried the company to these points. Steve Jobs had a philosophy; but the company was raised by people with this philosophy, and the company took over. Find a leader like Steve Jobs and hire the employees who will follow this leader and motivate them, let’s say this is the formula for success :)

Apple M1 Pro Max Chip is a revolution

Apple unveiled its new devices yesterday (October 18.10.2021) with its event, and these devices came with very successful features. Apple MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch Laptops M1 Pro and M1 Max Processor Features, Price, We write all the details for you. Among these features, especially the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors stand out. These processors are very powerful and will be mentioned a lot, and we will see the videos of these processors on YouTube very soon.

And system on a chip (SoC) technology is being used for the first time in a professional laptop. Both chips have more CPU cores, more GPU cores, and more combined memory than the M1 chip. With a Neural Engine that gives machine learning superpowers and advanced media engines that support the ProRes format, the M1 Pro and M1 Max bring things to life never before possible for professional users. Examine M1 Pro and M1 Max Chips

The M1 Pro chip takes the outstanding performance of the M1 pro processor architecture to a whole new level for professional users. Even the most demanding projects are made easy with up to 10 CPU cores, up to 16 GPU cores and 16 core Neural Engine, as well as special encoding and decoding media engines supporting H.264, HEVC and ProRes codecs. is coming.

All these specs, Apple is an innovative company that self-renewing and always looking ahead. Because of all these features, we can consider Apple as an innovative company. Apple has invented its own chip to power its mobile phone iPhones and iPads. After successful tryings, Apple has decided to move forward and bring these chips to its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptaps also to its iMacs. Apple won’t stop and will be continue to innovate new things for its gadgets. Lets wait and see what is the next?

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